Bulluk Ghana Ltd is the mass production arm for Nallem Clothing, and a member of Groupe NallemSTM, having a presence in all major Malls in Accra. Bulluk is engaged in the production of customized Afrocentric garment, the design and manufacture, supply and delivery of durable, comfortable high quality apparel such as health uniforms, school uniforms, overall etc to enhance the professional appearance of your employees as associated with your reputable institution. Our apparel are manufactured through ergonomic processed, using high quality materials and of high quality standard.


With a 500 square meter space, the factory is equipped with   300 machines, having the capacity to produce 1200 uniquely designed garments per month.

You are assured of:

– The capacity to generate a variety of fabrics at a time

– Meeting delivery time

– High quality processes

Our mission

Is to be a global brand for clothing and fashion accessories. We design, produce and merchandise garments, fashion accessories and service. Key to our product offering is to design beautiful and very good quality clothing. Our unique taste and style of fashion shall: Make a fashion statement that inspires the confidence that good looks bring. – Contribute to strengthening the essential bonds of family and friendship. – Bear a touch of Africa’s unique tradition and style. – Design and tailor clothing for kids and adults, male and female. – Out team of talents and professionals shall be inspired and motivated to aspire to the achievement of our overall objectives, and deliver on out responsibility to our customers, valuable staff, and society as a whole, for in the lord we live and move and have our being.

Our vision

To grow into a global player in the fashion industry with outlets in major fashion cities across the globe, influencing seasonal; collections, fashion trends, colors and playing a key role in the establishing Africa’s presence on the international fashion scene